The Afghan Film Project is a non-profit foundation formed to tell uniquely Afghan stories while building the capacity of Afghanistan's film industry.

Exploring our common humanity through film has the potential to change the way the West sees Afghanistan, and perhaps even more importantly the way Afghans see themselves. While we spend billions creating a theater of war, even a modest investment in empowering Afghans to tell their stories can create an important context for dialogue about Afghan identity and the country's role in the world.

Based in Kabul, we utilize the expertise of internationally recognized film professionals with a passion for Afghanistan to provide a voice for Afghan filmmakers. By providing hands-on training and experience to local filmmakers in all aspects of film production, the Afghan Film Project aims to foster an environment in which films of the highest standard can be produced for international and domestic audiences.

Our mission is focused: the Afghan Film Project provides the resources, experience, and opportunity to produce narrative and documentary films that tell Afghan stories, while training Afghan producers, directors and crews (grips, electrics, cinematographers, etc.) for highly skilled film jobs that build domestic capacity.

Our tactics are simple: the Afghan Film Project partners with Western and Afghan filmmakers to make films that nurture the voice of ordinary Afghans. Our first partnership is on a short film called "Buzkashi Boys" which offers a glimpse into the lives and aspirations of some of Kabul's poorest residents. The goal of this first short film is two-fold: to tell a compelling Afghan story, while mentoring promising Afghan filmmakers and crew, who will learn from the production to take higher levels of creative responsibility.

Our needs are modest: Production in Afghanistan is strikingly cheap by western standards. We are raising up to $650 K to launch the Afghan Film Project and fund the production of Buzkashi Boys. Any money that is made by the Afghan Film Project from the distribution of the films we fund will feed back into the project's mission, and less than 10% of our budget will be used for administrative costs - the rest will be used to fund films and run film workshops in Afghanistan.

We need your help to make this vision a reality. Please click Get Involved to learn how to contribute.